Henricus van de Wetering

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His Excellency

Henricus van de Wetering
Archbishop of Utrecht
Primate of the Netherlands
Black and white portrait of Henricus van de Wetering
Henricus van de Wetering
ChurchRoman Catholic Church
SeeSaint Catherine's Cathedral
Installed2 July 1895
Term ended18 November 1929
PredecessorPetrus Matthias Snickers
SuccessorJohannes Henricus Gerardus Jansen
Consecration24 March 1895
Personal details
Born26 November 1850
Hoogland, Netherlands
Died16 November 1929 (1929-11-17) (aged 78)
Driebergen, Netherlands
DenominationRoman Catholic

Henricus van de Wetering (Dutch pronunciation: [ɦɛnˈrikɵs fɑn də ˈʋeːtərɪŋ];[1] 26 November 1850 in Hoogland – 16 November 1929 in Driebergen).

Van de Wetering was appointed Titular Archbishop of Gaza and Coadjutor of the metropolitan see of Utrecht, on 8 February 1895. He was consecrated on 24 March 1895 at Hilversum, Church of Saint Vitus, by Caspar Josephus Bottemanne, Bishop of Haarlem. Five months later, upon the death of Archbishop Petrus Matthias Snickers, he succeeded him as Archbishop of Utrecht and Primate of the Netherlands, until his death in 1929.


  1. ^ Van in isolation: [vɑn].
Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Petrus Matthias Snickers
Archbishop of Utrecht
1895 – 1929
Succeeded by
Johannes Henricus Gerardus Jansen