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Nicky is a diminutive form of the name Nicholas and Nicole, occasionally used as a given name in its own right. It can also be used as a diminutive of Dominic. It may refer to:




  • Nicky Astria (born 1967), Indonesian rock singer
  • Nicky da B, American rapper specializing in the regional genre of bounce music
  • Nicky Byrne (born 1978), singer and member of Irish pop group Westlife
  • Nicky Chinn (born 1945), British songwriter and record producer
  • Nicky Hopkins (1944–1994), English pianist and organist
  • Nicky Jam (born 1980), stage name of reggaeton artist Nick Rivera Caminero
  • Nicky Mehta, Canadian singer and songwriter
  • Nicky Nola (born 1985), Ugandan singer and dancer
  • Nicky Romero, Dutch DJ and Music Producer
  • Nicky Ryan, Irish music producer, recording engineer and manager
  • Nicky Wire (born 1969), Welsh lyricist, bassist and occasional vocalist


  • Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, called "Nicky" by Kaiser Wilhelm II and King George V
  • Nicky Arnstein (1879–1965), American professional gambler and con artist, best known as the second husband of Fanny Bruce
  • Nicky Best, British statistician
  • Nicky Case, Canadian game developer
  • Nicky Cruz (born 1938), Christian evangelist and former gang leader
  • Nicky Gavron, British politician, Deputy Mayor of London (2000-2003, 2004-2008), and member of the London Assembly
  • Nicky Gumbel (born 1955), Anglican priest and author
  • Nicky Henson (born 1945), English actor
  • Conrad Hilton, Jr. (1926–1969), American socialite and businessman; grand-uncle of Nicky Hilton
  • Nicky Hilton (born 1983), American socialite, heiress and fashion designer, sister of Paris Hilton
  • Nicky Katt (born 1970), American actor
  • Nicky Morgan (born 1972), British Member of Parliament (MP), former Education Secretary (2014-2016)
  • Nicky Verstappen (1987–1998), Dutch victim of unsolved murder

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