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Wasting Bandwidth is Easy!
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Computer Engineer living and working in Silicon Valley, California, USA. Thirty-three years (ack!) designing Microprocessors.

The high tech industry has no memory about itself at all. Within a decade, companies that once employed thousands of people and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue can disappear without a trace. It would be nice to capture some of that history here in Wikipedia to remind everyone of the endeavors and hubris of this industry.

I first started editing wikipedia articles in July, 2004.

Some articles that need writing:

Some high tech/computer articles that I started because nobody else did:

Prime Computer | Stratus Technologies | List of defunct graphics chips and card companies | Dado Banatao | Mike Farmwald | Advanced Computing Environment | PMC-Sierra | Minisupercomputer | Bipolar Integrated Technology | Ascend Communications | Floating Point Systems | List of defunct hard disk manufacturers | Hal Computer Systems | Metaflow Technologies | List of former IA-32 compatible processor manufacturers | Out-of-order execution | The Soul of a New Machine | Explicitly parallel instruction computing - major rewrite | ASCI Red | ASCI Thor's Hammer | ASCI Purple | ASCI Blue Pacific | ASCI Blue Mountain | Exponential Technology | 8x8 Inc | Oak Technology | MasPar | OPTi Inc. | Massive parallel processing | Reliability, Availability and Serviceability | Goodyear MPP | dataflow architecture | Category:X86 memory management | batch queue | Mediaprocessor | List of defunct network processor companies | Trilogy Systems | CPU design - major rewrites | Microarchitecture - major rewrites | Multithreading (computer hardware)

Some hobby (movies, food, reading) related articles that I started or greatly expanded:

Eat Drink Man Woman | Uplift Universe | Outland (movie) - added plot section | A Great Wall (film) | Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins | The Accused (1988 film) - rewrite | New York City cuisine | Crossing Delancey | The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974 film) - rewrote plot section | Pork Chop Hill | New England clam bake | The Story of G.I. Joe | Bicycle frame construction | The Coca-Cola Kid | Mr. Majestyk | Se Tutte le Donne del Mondo | Cloud ear fungus | Snow fungus | Fat choy (vegetable) | Chinese mitten crab | Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse | Crash Dive (movie) | A Walk in the Sun (1945 film) | Knish | The Rat Patrol | Charlotte (dessert) | Flower crab | Heroes of the East | Destination Tokyo | Edge of Darkness (film) | To Hell and Back (film) | Run Silent, Run Deep (1958 film) | Giant (1956 film) - rewrote plot section | Category:Espionage television series | Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World - major additions | Seatguru | The Plainsman - plot section

Countries I have visited - (Another way to waste bandwidth!):

Years: United States
Months: Taiwan United Kingdom France
Weeks: Canada Japan Hong Kong Netherlands Spain China Italy Austria Switzerland Australia New Zealand Greece Chile Argentina Germany Serbia Israel
Days: Belgium Turkey Egypt Denmark NorwaySweden Finland Russia Hungary Czech Republic South Korea
Hours: Mexico Monaco Luxembourg Vatican City Gibraltar Morocco Estonia Macau

US States I have visited:

Years: New York (state) Massachusetts California
Months: Vermont Texas
Weeks: Hawaii Nevada
Days: Washington, D.C. Pennsylvania Colorado New Hampshire Illinois Rhode Island Washington (state) Oregon Arizona Florida
Hours: New Jersey Maine Connecticut

Wikipedia Annoyances

  1. Little Dictators running their little fiefdoms of their articles. Of course, their viewpoints are of utmost importance while other viewpoints are irrelevant.
  2. Did you know that the English as spoken by populations of ~116 Million people is the gold standard, while the English of another population of ~295 Million people is not? Old imperial dreams die hard.
  3. Who knew that so many people want to be a movie critic? Who knew that some people believe their subjective opinions on film needs to be published on Wikipedia? Who knew that so many of these amateur movie critics believe in the most convoluted conspiracy theories?
  4. Too many meaningless Japanese loan words! Only if an item/concept doesn't have an English term, is it OK to use the native term to describe it, but otherwise use English - this is the English version of Wikipedia after all.
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